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Habarana land for sale or lease
Property Type: Land
Sale or Rent: Sale
Location: Habarana
Area of Land: 6 Acres Perches

A fabulous location and ideally suited for an 'ecolodge tourist venture' as it is within the Cultural Triangle. There are three roads leading to the land and is easily accessible by car.

Bordering a natural ecosystem which prevails on the land with primary tree cover consisting of teak, katakala, damunu, kon, palu, beli, tamarind, myla, lemon, lime, drumstick, mango, maara, ipil, gliricidia, thibbatu creepers and vines providing cover to mouse deer, a minimum count of 21 bird varieties, iguana population, flying squirrel etc. CO3 hybrid Napier grass and sugar glaze planted on an extension of about 1.5 acres.

There are herbal plants of immense value in the Ayurveda tradition (kothala himbutu, athadi, kapum keeri etc). and not forgetting a visit form Elephants for the water tank bordering the property. Deed: 2 x jayaboomi deeds of 3-acre extent, a complete title with extracts and survey plan.

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