Maintain Your Home’s Exterior With These Tips


While improving the look and feel of your home’s interior, don’t forget about the exterior. Tending to both protects your home and helps avoid unnecessary repairs. Here are a few items to add to your home maintenance checklist.

Roof Maintenance

It’s easy to let your home’s roof fall to the wayside. After all, it’s a part of your home you don’t see unless you climb up. To reduce the chances of dealing with leaks and water infiltration, have an experienced roofer inspect and maintain your roof. You could have missing or damaged shingles that need repairing. You also want to protect your roof’s lifespan, so you don’t have to pay for a new roof earlier than necessary. Have professional cleaners wash grime, dirt and moss from your roof. While they’re at it, see if they can help you with window cleaning, too.

Patio and Pathway Maintenance

Pathways and patios deteriorate slowly. This may make it difficult to notice when these areas of your property’s exterior need maintenance. Your local weather and home’s age determine how often you should give your patio and pathways some TLC. One reason to stay on top of inspecting these areas of your property’s exterior is to save money on repairs. Other than maintenance, consider having a professional powerwash your pathways and patio.

Siding Maintenance

Siding maintenance depends on your home’s siding. At the very least, inspect your siding for cracks and areas that need repair. Just like your patio and pathways, your vinyl siding also deserves a thorough powerwash. If you have wood siding, have it treated every four years. That way, you’ll enjoy better protection from the weather. 

Gutter Maintenance

Do you remember the last time you or someone else cleaned your gutters? It’s good to clear them out at least once a year. Leaves, twigs, branches and other debris may clog your gutters, which could lead to several issues. You want rainwater to flow freely down your gutters and away from your home’s foundation.

While you or an experienced technician clears your gutters, inspect them for damage. Loose gutters could allow water to seep into your home. If that happens, you may experience mold or mildew problems. It’s also good to check how water flows through your gutters. You don’t want it trickling down the sides of your home and seeping into the ground around your property.

Foundation Maintenance

Gutter servicing offers the perfect opportunity to inspect and maintain your home’s foundation. Inspect your property’s foundation for cracks at least twice a year. Even if you only notice small cracks, they can lead to major damage if left unaddressed. Masonry professionals can help you maintain this area of your home’s exterior. 

Landscape Maintenance

You may love how shrubs, bushes and other vegetation improve your home’s exterior, but these features may cause complications. Trim tree branches away from your shingles and roof, so they don’t damage them. Your home’s siding needs space to breathe, so keep growth like shrubs from getting too close to your residential property. Aim for maintaining at least two feet of space between vegetation and your home.

Carefully examine vegetation growth around your exterior air conditioning unit. Unchecked growth could lead to a condensing coil malfunction or pest infestation. A few snips can save you hundreds of dollars in avoidable HVAC repairs.

Exterior Door Maintenance

The next time you come home, look at your door. At least once a year, inspect and wipe your doors down with a gentle cleaner. Resist the urge to powerwash or scour doors, as either may damage the surface. It’s good to use as little water as possible, so you avoid pooling that may lead to an accident.

Spending a few minutes on home exterior maintenance can save you a lot of money and frustration. Add these maintenance projects to a calendar to make them easier to remember.

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