Make Sure Your Construction Site Is Well-Equipped: Don’t Forget the Loo


In order to keep your job site operational, you want to make sure you schedule a mobile toilet hire as well. In order to make the process easier, contact a provider that specialises in this accommodation. Besides providing the toilets, the company should service the loos as well. Lorries that transport effluent are usually 7.5 tonnes in size and capable of emptying about 2,200 litres of effluent at once. Pressure washers are utilised as well for servicing portable toilets and welfare units.

Keeping Everything Clean and Safe

Not only do loos improve employee morale, they maintain the hygiene and safety at a construction site. By hiring toilets, you instantly ensure that your construction site is safe and clean, both for your employees and clients. Because the toilets are self-contained, they are also designed to keep people safeguarded from the microorganisms that lead to disease.

Save on Water Usage

When a portable toilet hire in Yorkshire is scheduled, you are also maintaining sustainability. Since the loos do not require a continual water supply, you also save on water use. Hiring the toilets keeps you on the right side legally as well. Because Health and Safety Executive (HSE) mandates require that welfare and sanitation facilities be supplied, when possible, you are keeping in good stead with the HSE.

A Pleasanter Working Environment

It is this type of care that enhances employee morale and productivity. If you supply portable toilets at your build site, you will also eliminate any travel time needed to find other restroom facilities. This type of solution creates a working environment that is more comfortable and convenient.

Therefore, if you are building a structure on a remote site, you certainly do not want to overlook the advantage of hiring portable toilets. These accommodations make it possible for you to supply sanitation facilities even in locations that do not have easy access to water or plumbing lines.

Respecting Your Client’s Privacy

In addition, by adding the toilets, you can ensure your client’s privacy. For example, you really do not want to ask your client if your crew can use his or her bathroom. This type of distraction can make things uncomfortable for both the crew and the client. While it may be challenging to deal with excess dust and the loud noises of construction traffic, using an on-site bathroom is taking things to the limit.

That is why, out of respect to your client and crew, you need to always make sure that the sanitation needs of your workforce are met. When you can partner with a company that offers this type of service, you will realise increased cooperation from your employees and more satisfaction from your clients.

Obtain the Toilets or Units You Need for Your Build Site

When you work with a toilet hire company, make sure you use a company that can meet all your specifications in this respect. Toilets can be delivered and can be fit into confined spaces, or be set up for the specific needs of a customer. You can also hire all-in-one site units. These units come complete with a canteen, toilet facilities, cloak room, and drying room. The unit itself is powered by an on-board generator.

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